The patented double ballon technique allows to use it as a access system without intravascular parts or as a vascular closure device. For the VCD we have already extensive experience. 

CaveoVasc® – Closure Devices in the Pipeline 

CaveoVasc XL
  • Covering rapidly increasing market of endovascular procedures
    (e.g. EVAR, aortic valve replacement and mitral valve surgery)

  • These procedures need a big access (16F and more)

  • Modification in shaft size (18 F) and additional channel for application of haemostatic agents, e.g. fibrin glue


  • Avoiding open surgery in the groin

  • Procedures could be performed completely percutaneous

  • Nothing intravascular

  • Covering increasing market of electrophysiolocical procedures such as ablation, percutaneous mitral valve surgery and leadless pacemakers

  • Modification in shaft size and indicator function necessary


  • Avoiding massive haematoma in the groin


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