CaveoVasc® - Overview

CaveoVasc® - Procedure

CaveoVasc® - Status

CaveoVasc® – The revolutionary Thrombolysis Protection Device

Less bleeding complications
Increased therapy success
Nothing is left in the body of patient
Easy and fast application
Cost reduction for hospitals and health system

CaveoVasc® is used as an add-on to the current Thrombolysis therapy with a high bleeding complication rate. Via its patented double balloon technique CaveoVasc® is placed close to the vessel but not in the artery. During the 18 to 24  hours therapy time the balloons have a function similar to modern air suspension in cars where the patient's movements do not affect the puncture site. Small bleedings in the puncture channel will be tamponade whereas the balloons prevent bleeding around the puncture site by pressure.  At the end of the therapy the ballots were deflated and  CaveoVasc® is completely removed. Nothing is left in the body of the patient.


Guide wire in femoral artery

Standard puncturing of the femoral artery and placement of the guide wire in the artery.


Placement of CaveoVasc® via the wire


CaveoVasc® is applied after punction of the femoral artery and placement of the guide wire, thus in the beginning of the procedure.


Removal of Locator – blood backflow indicates correct position


As soon the Locator is in the artery, a blood backflow indicates the correct positioning of the device (extravascular). 

Inflation of the Fixation Balloon


The inflated balloon secures the position of CaveoVasc® in the tissue.


Placement of the sheath


The sheath can be placed through the device via the guidewire in the artery.


Inflation of the Pressure Balloon. Start of Thrombolysis theray via catheter perfusion


CaveoVasc® has a Protection Function – both inflated balloons protect bleeding from the tissue and the artery.


Removal of the sheath and catheter after the end of Thrombolysis therapy


The balloons stay inflated while the sheath and catheter is removed.

Removal of CaveoVasc®


After the procedure the balloons were deflated and CaveoVasc® is removed. Nothing stays in the body of the patient!


CaveoVasc® – Procedure


CaveoVasc® – Status


CaveoVasc® has successfully completed the first in man study. The file has been submitted to the notified body in June 2019. We expect CE Certification and market entry for Q I 2020. 



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