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About us

"The passion and necessity drives me every day to look for innovative solutions."

CaveoMed GmbH is a privately financed company that has developed a new vascular protection system that significantly reduces bleeding complications during thrombolysis therapy at the puncture site. The patented technology makes thrombolysis therapy safer.


CaveoMed GmbH was founded in April 2014. The company is based in Tübingen, Germany. Since the foundation, CaveoMed has designed the innovative vascular protection system based on the patented double balloon technology.


CaveoVasc® is CaveoMed's first vascular protection system. Market entry was in the first quarter of 202.


Professor Dr. Scheule.png

Prof. Dr. med
Albertus M. Scheule, MBA

CEO and founder

Prof. Dr. med. Albertus Scheule is a specialist in cardiovascular surgery and a member of the Medical Faculty of Tübingen. He also obtained an MBA from the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences. During his 15 years at the University Hospital Tübingen he developed numerous products together with medical device companies. As a cardiovascular surgeon, he has specialist expertise in the medical field, particularly in the field of vascular medicine. The patented idea of the double balloon technology is based on his wealth of experience as the basis for the foundation of the company CaveoMed. 

Interview CaveoVasc 

' the benefit for the patient is the drive for innovation for me'

Albertus M. Scheule, MD

Planned projects for the future


The patented double balloon technology allows a variety of uses. By sealing the puncture site, the technique can be used both for vascular access without an intravascular component and as a vascular closure system. There is already extensive experience with the latter.


Caveo Vasc® - as a vascular closure system


CaveoVasc XL

  • Serves the rapidly growing market of endovascular operations (prostheses and aortic valves)

  • These operations require a large vascular access. CaveoVasc XL can close these large holes

  • Modification of the size (16-18 Fr) and an additional canal to apply homeostatic substances such as e.g. fibrin glue


  • Open surgery can be replaced by minimally invasive intervention

  • The operation can be performed completely without a skin incision

  • No components in the vascular system



  • Serves the fast growing market of venous procedures as ablations, atrial appendage occluders, percutaneous mitral valve surgery, cordless pacemakers

  • Modification of the shaft and the indicator function



  • Avoidance of bleeding complications

Become our strategic partner

After a successful study, Caveo Vasc® received the CE certificate and entered already the German market. We are looking for partners to develop operations. The double balloon technology is patented in Europe, the USA, Japan and China.


For more information, please contact us at


There are currently no vacancies.

Thank you for your interest in CaveoMed GmbH.

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